We sell fins by type including thrusters, quads, tri-fins, single fins, flex and more. We look for the best and have assembled a selection of fins that changes constantly but seeks to provide everything from wood classics to the latest carbon fiber technologies. We sell fins by manufacturers like  FCS, True Ames and Rainbow and by designers like Rusty, Skip, Yater and Slater. We are constantly evaluating new fins and between our blog and web site you will always find the most current fins.
Which fin should I use?
The best fin choice has to do with the synergy between the board shape, rocker, bottom profile and rider preference. These articles discuss how to make that choice.
We sell fins by System
FCS and Futures are our two primary lines and we have fins from other designers that fit those system boxes.
Fin of the Week
Unique elliptical template, cambered foil, and Tricoil flex provides remarkable speed and acceleration with control

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